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Data Governance

Not many argue with us when we say data governance as we know it is broken. Traditional data governance is centered around security, compliance and correctness in a very command-and-control manner. Fast-forward to today where we have petabytes of unstructured data from disparate sources being analyzed by users of all experience-levels and functions, and ever-changing business definitions - and you can begin to understand the root of the problem.  

We're helping companies modernize their data governance programs by redefining what it means, who plays what role in it and how we measure it's success.

Data Visualization

Turning data into useful information can be really challenging.  It generally requires getting the right data to the right person at the right time - so, lots of room (and usually little tolerance) to miss the mark. 


We help companies to think holistically about their data products and their actual usefulness to the business, using our "Who, What, Why, When, How & What Next" framework for visualizing data.


Ethical Design for AI

Understanding the ethical considerations of autonomous or artificial intelligence systems for many companies is somewhat uncharted territory, but even though we may not be able to foresee every potential implication, it's become obvious that embedding ethics and human-centricity in the design and development process of these systems at the moment of their creation is the only responsible way forward in this field.


We're helping companies rise to this challenge by collaboratively defining a customized set of working principles and implementing a four-phased iterative approach that works. 





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As a Co-worker

Our people are everything and we know the best way to serve our clients is to hire top talent and keep them happy. We aim to offer the best of both worlds; the freedom of being your own boss, with all the benefits of belonging to a team. 


As a Client

Nothing we can say about what it's like to be our client will be as important as understanding how we treat our people, so if you skipped over that part, please check it out. After that, we want you to know we're not here to create dependencies on our resources - our goal is your long-term success without us. 


Flexible Employment

Our gurus keep the lion's share of their billable rate. Paying generous commissions instead of salaries, allows us to offer unparalleled flexibility and huge earning potential.


We maintain a highly supportive team experience for our employees and contractors.  Always there when you need help, but zero interest in micro-managing your work.


We leverage newly available HRAs to offer our eligible employees health, vision and dental coverage of their choosing, as well as retirement account options.


Our employees and contractors know exactly what their bill rate is and how much of it they get to keep. We are committed to operating with as much transparency as we can, because we believe that is how trust is built.

Top Talent

Our employment model attracts highly capable and experienced, self-starters.  We give them the flexibility and support to perform at their best in every aspect of their lives.


Every company says they have integrity, but all too often they compromise in pursuit of short-term gains.  We consciously filter business decisions through our principles and trust that doing the right thing will always pay off in the long run.


Ever seen a consulting firm publicly post their rates? We haven't either, but we do because that's how we roll. No games, just honest work and trusted partnerships.


We like project-based work because it requires defined outcomes and deliverables, and start and end dates. Long-term staff augmentation tends to create dependencies; if we wanted that, we'd just come work for you ;) 




...valued consultant and advisor to me, always willing to tackle challenges with a great sense of humor.

...practical advice based on deep experience, delivered in a collaborative and supportive manner.



...pragmatic advice and the ability to pivot quickly in a start-up environment.

...trusted advisors to tell it like it is with the right mix of professionalism and candor. 



…delivered an innovative, game-changing solution to our code-heavy data bottleneck. 

...part-time, flexible availability worked well for our schedules and budget - appreciated their pricing transparency.